The Pronto

Combination Washer and Dryer in one!
The All-In-One time and space saver. 

In today's over-crowded and over-rushed world, there is a whole new way of doing laundry.  The Pronto uses less than half the space of a separate washer and dryer, and there is no waiting around in order to transfer your clothes into the dryer. This process saves you time, and eliminates the risk of contaminating your clothing by removing it from one machine to place it in another.


Simply start your load, and leave! You will receive a text message from the machine 10 minutes before your washed and dried load is completely finished. The door will unlock at the end of the cycle.


This 350G force machine is a soft-mount, meaning it can be easily installed on wood floors, upper floors, and over basements.


Let's face it, our planet is fixed in size. It doesn't grow in conjunction with our population, so we need to be aware of the space we are utilizing. It is time to take positive action to escape our high consumption of space and resources.