Water is Life.

The Absolute Laundry Team and their clients are deeply aware of the

global water and energy crises. Our first priority is always respecting and

conserving our planet's resources. As we've mentioned before, this isn't

just business - it's personal.
Very personal.

That is why Absolute Laundry Systems has chosen to team up with Electrolux, to offer the most efficient commercial laundry equipment available in the world today. Electrolux, named one of the world's most ethical companies, has also been named in the top 10% of the companies included in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. This is the tenth consecutive year that Electrolux has received this honor, and their score keeps improving! This is demonstration of Electrolux's ambition to be a world leader in sustainability. Electrolux receives worldwide recognition for their environmental dedication, and Absolute Laundry Systems shares the deep respect and gratitude for their environmental efforts.

Read the technology list below to find out why you no longer have to waste nearly 30 gallons of water for each load of laundry. You will not only conserve water, but also time, money, and other utility costs!​

Automatic Water Savings

Save a fortune on water, as much as 30% on smaller wash loads! AWS automatically calculates the weight of the load, then adds precisely the right amount of water for best results. This significantly reduces water consumption and energy costs. AWS is only available from Electrolux brand equipment, the technology leader.

Compass Control

Revolutionary microprocessor features a large display and a robust knob for easy program selection. Up to 18 languages, easy access to USB, and superior wash performance. Easily adjust parameters such as water levels, temperature, and drum action to lower costs and meet customer demand. Real time clock for time of day pricing. Optional unique voice guidance, and Text Msg.

Eco Power

Save on Gas. This unique technology determines when garments are dry and then automatically lowers the dryer temperature. Customers are satisfied because the dryer keeps turning and keeps the clothes warm, resulting in less wrinkling and wear on garments. With reversing dryer cylinders (standard) your efficiency and savings are even greater.

High Spin 450G

Faster drying time and lower gas consumption with

Electrolux High Spin Washers, now at 450 G force

extraction. Soft-mount technology for easy installation on wood floors, upper floors, and over basements. Benefit from faster throughput which translates into greater customer return and profits. You'll create customers for life with shorter laundering times and outstanding wash results.

Pronto Combo Washer/Dryer

Wash and dry in one machine. You and your customers or employees may enjoy your laundry experience like never before. Use less than half the space of a separate washer and dryer. This unique 350 G Force does not require a concrete foundation or steel base. Can be installed on wood floors, upper floors, or over basements.

Reverse Drying Cylinders

With standard Electrolux reversing cylinder technology, garments don't tangle so they dry more quickly using less energy. Dry more uniformly for superior results with-out "wet spots." Electrolux dryers are precision engineered for efficiency, ease of use, and superior drying results!

Super Balance / Power Balance

Electrolux Super Balance and Power Balance exted the lifetime of your machine. These unique features precisely and automatically calculate the amount of unbalanced load in the washer drum, the adjusts distribution and extraction speeds to maximize water extraction. Lower maintenance costs, less vibration, maximum water extraction, and lower energy costs.

Text Messaging

This feature generates customer loyalty and is a valuable marketing tool. Customers receive a text from the washer telling them when washers are available, when their laundry will soon be done, and much more. Owners can have washers send text messages to them for service, access price programming menu, check coin count in money boxes, and more.

Sanitizing Rinse

Another unique feature we have teamed up to offer! Everyone appreciates having the choice of sanitizing the drum prior to washing their personal laundry. Laundromats have the ability to charge for the rinse, generating additional income.